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Lacerian is a short I've had in mind for a while. The idea of what would happen when companies start terraforming planets and the indigenous life forms fight back. Due to the scope of this project, it will take some time to complete, but so far has provided an amazing opportunity to try various approaches to cameras, workflows and more specific facets such as dynamic integration into my animation process. Very excited to see this one develop.

You can see the previz here. The opening sequence is going to be entirely redone as archival footage from the fictional company, Arkitech Industries. You can see a closer representation below. The rest of the shots follow the events of a terraforming gone wrong. The character cut in half at the start is the security bot. The lighting coming off the human character is from his suit. Lastly, this is still previz, so the edit is changing, especially near the end with the arm rip.

Kiel Figgins Directing/Animating/Rigging/Previz
George Longo Modeling || Reed Casey Modeling || Jonas Ronnegard Env || Maxx Burman Matte Painting || Herman Ng Concept
Jon Lorenz Motion Graphics || Sam Gabherdt Concept || Milton Ramirez Look Dev || Joe Spano Compositing || Justin Albers Concept || Wayne Hollingsworth FX

Lacerian Beast Rig for download

Lacerian Astro Rig for download

Lacerian Humvee Rig for download

Lacerian Rifle Rig for download

Current Previz Edit

Animation Segment

GUI boot up by Jon (WIP)

GUI element by Jon (WIP)

1:1 mocap data applied to Lacerian

Custom muscle solution I'm developing

Dynamic element of my custom muscle solution

Custom dynamics secondary solution I'm developing

Humvee done by Reed

Rifle done by Reed

Tanker done by Reed (WIP)

Astro body by Reed (WIP)

Lacerian Concept by Herman

Astro Concept by Sam

Bot Look Dev by Milton

Reusing my Decepticon as a security drone

Rock elements by Jonas