Kiel Figgins  -  Character Animator

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Encounters - Venus Previz (14/10/28) from Kiel Figgins on Vimeo.

Encounters - Venus

While visiting Art Station, I came across the work of Tyler Smith and his visuals and sci fi focused personal projects really appealed to me. So I reached out to him to see if he would mind if I did a short animation based on one his existing pieces. He agreed, and we've been working on the project on and off in our free time. I'm really excited to see how this project develops, as the idea of a man eating venus fly trap from outer space, is just too fun. You can see the first few shots prevized above, I hope to knock out the next few shots here in a bit where the Astronaut gets completely ripped apart.

Tyler's mock ups based on the framing in my previz

Here's the orginal image that caught my attention