Kiel Figgins  -  Character Animator

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2d Animations created on my ride to and from work. Created with Flipaclip for Andriod on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

I've found that doing these quick sketches is great way to lay out an animation before bringing it into 3d.
With an added bonus of seeing an idea come to life without having to create all the assets in 3d.
Though I don't intend to final any of my 2d work, having them as a guide orstandin for possible upcoming 3d work is really appealing.

Little Alien repairing his UFO

Sword Swing

Little Alien coming under fire and fleeing

An explorer in a cave holding a torch

Monster eating a guy

Monster Lunge - Part of a larger animation I have in mind

Perched - Rough blocking for an animation I have in mind

Back stab

Animation idea for a friends VFX shot

Lost at cards again

Wall Slam

Duck and cover