Kiel Figgins  -  Character Animator

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Into the Storm - Show Reel from Kiel Figgins on Vimeo.

Into The Storm
Spring 2013 - Summer 2013
(with Audio)

Duties Include:
-Character Animation on the Digi-Double sucked up into fire tornado
-Additional Animation on cars, falling tree, debris, animatd blendshape/lattice damage, select cameras
-Developed a tool to apply cache data to animation rigs, allowing animators to extract data from caches done by another company

I was really excited to do the digital double of the guy pulled up into the tornado, seeing the final shot and all the other elements added, I think it came out really well.
Beyond him, the show involved a lot of hero/close to camera animation on vehicles and various props/debris to add to the scenes while FX teams handled the mid to background elements. In general, the cars being tossed around are hand animated, though I didn't animated the blue van flipping over, that was another animator.


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